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Jan Petykiewicz cba31bf081 use new email 6 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 77f53affe7 use VERSION.py instead of importing package before it's installed 6 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 0ebfa030c4 README fixes 6 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 5861767a00 depend on meanas instad of fdfd_tools 6 months ago
jan 792b161753 avoid importing the package before its installed... 2 years ago
jan 66c30e6eab move from fdfd_tools to meanas 2 years ago
jan 2130b015fd readme updates 2 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 4b798893bc Use python3 for setup 3 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 3cd26265bd Use readme as long_description 3 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 8360f98395 Move version string into module 3 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz b62cd6e867 move code to new location 4 years ago
jan c96d367502 fixup package info 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 1d5e7ff3bb minor cleanup of generated source 5 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 4ffa5e4a66 use logging package for output, and remove 'verbose' options 5 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 4e3d4a8b2c bump version number and required fdfd_tools version 5 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz d8fb01b0fd keep common header from being reprinted 5 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 3ad0dd3c50 consolidate boundary conditions in common.cl; add some comments and minor cleanup 5 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz f364fbc8b6 assume c ordering for kernels 5 years ago
jan c9f093ca6a specify fdfd_tools version 6 years ago
jan ddeca79df9 update dependencies 6 years ago
jan 9946ae8b39 update comments 6 years ago
jan 848f86f6ee Use fdfd_tools.solvers.generic for csr solve 6 years ago
jan 80592dff79 fix csr solver regression 6 years ago
jan 2894866bf8 add colon 6 years ago
jan efde4c4787 comment fixes 6 years ago
jan 9198779974 Cleanup and comment 6 years ago
jan 89caff471f Documentation! 6 years ago
jan 78d3e17d92 comment typo fix 6 years ago
jan 8e3706948e fix bugs after refactor 6 years ago
jan ff3951ba35 refactor solver (untested) 6 years ago
jan 8682ee1ff8 clean up comment 6 years ago
jan e53156b789 implement default for solver opetions 6 years ago
jan b3d25f0f0c Merge branch 'master' of mpxd.net:jan/opencl_fdfd 6 years ago
jan 67cafd870e add csr.cg_solve 6 years ago
jan 0e413dc267 fix previous commit 6 years ago
jan e94a07db28 Simplify csr.cg and use operations from .ops 6 years ago
jan c9cb48d175 Add CSR sparse matrix-vector multiply operation 6 years ago
jan 12baa97592 Newline at eof 6 years ago
jan cad9dab086 PEC and PMC both work now! 6 years ago
jan bb7b90e938 cleanup and improved reporting for csr 6 years ago
jan 03f7f6d3c4 fix typo 6 years ago
jan d12ce6c957 Include old csr solver 6 years ago
jan f24e75d4d1 Add newlines 6 years ago
jan fdcf090249 Conductor partial fixup 6 years ago
jan 985fca76f4 Remove debug code 6 years ago
jan dc3c037e48 Create setup.py 6 years ago
jan d7e53608b7 eol at eof 6 years ago
jan a379d8b794 split up into multiple files 6 years ago
jan 20949f56ff add license 6 years ago
jan 14dcb64e8e initial code commit 6 years ago