Simple electrical connectivity checker

Updated 6 months ago

Fork of python-gdsii

Updated 4 years ago

AAX to PCM WAV decrypter

Updated 5 years ago

Simple musical instrument tuner

Updated 6 years ago

OpenCL FDTD electromagnetic simulation in 3 dimensions

Updated 1 year ago

OpenCL 3D electromagnetic FDFD solver

Updated 1 year ago

Multi-platform python package for memory editing

Updated 1 year ago

Electromagnetic simulations in python

Updated 7 months ago

Python package for lithography mask design.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Persistent multi-session pushd/popd

Updated 6 years ago

Git-based snapshotting tool

Updated 1 year ago

GDSII file format reader/writer

Updated 8 months ago

3D grid 'rasterizer', for generating discretized simulation grids.

Updated 1 year ago

python G85 format (XML wafer map) reader/writer

Updated 5 months ago

Anti-aliasing polygon rasterizer, capable of handling non-uniform grids.

Updated 1 year ago