Python package for lithography mask design.
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Masque is a Python module for designing lithography masks.

The general idea is to implement something resembling the GDSII file-format, but with some vectorized element types (eg. circles, not just polygons), better support for E-beam doses, and the ability to output to multiple formats.



  • python >= 3.5 (written and tested with 3.6)
  • numpy
  • matplotlib (optional, used for visualization functions and text)
  • python-gdsii (optional, used for gdsii i/o)
  • svgwrite (optional, used for svg output)
  • freetype (optional, used for text)

Install with pip:

pip3 install 'masque[visualization,gdsii,svg,text]'

Alternatively, install from git

pip3 install git+


  • Polygon de-embedding
  • Construct from bitmap
  • Boolean operations on polygons (using pyclipper)
  • Output to OASIS (using fatamorgana)