404 Commits (master)

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jan 4cc824526b fix deepcopy for locked shapes 1 month ago
Jan Petykiewicz e48183ee0b dose==1 is the identity situation 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 6886360f6d fix getting displacements in Arbitrary repetition 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz b5ddb5749c fix calculation of displacements 2 months ago
jan 67d312162a speed up as_pattern() 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 97db83a1d5 add utils.vertices.poly_contains_points 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz fd0b2ba4cd no longer ignore numpy types 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 9f1c7aea01 add _displacements to __slots__ 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 3640de27c7 Fix OASIS loading when strings are stored by-reference 2 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz ed9b0df057 fix scaling for objects with repetitions 2 months ago
jan a4aa50d814 fix another instance where numpy prohibits using `not bounds` 3 months ago
jan 2b8195ad3e move dev2pat and pat2dev into masque.builder.port_utils 3 months ago
jan 36f6edac21 fix wrong var name 3 months ago
jan 210f5c21bc wrap_device can be used on DeviceLibrary 3 months ago
jan bfee560693 simplify type hints 3 months ago
jan f4c2357737 fix type hint 3 months ago
jan 20be409341 fix numpy complaining about .any() / .all() 3 months ago
jan d8b60da827 use_ours & use_theirs should be passed verbatim to the underlying library 3 months ago
jan 3b0ef1e08d always couple LibDeviceLibrary keys to the underlying Library 3 months ago
jan 7603a7a1c8 fix typevar naming 3 months ago
jan 0c1954c9d1 fix missing imports 3 months ago
jan 30025ba081 fixup dxf read 3 months ago
jan 5ef34794ff keep ordering stable for same-y ports 3 months ago
jan c8b4075fcc Avoid circular import 3 months ago
jan 40b98b2511 add missing colon 3 months ago
jan 47d655d270 tutorial updates 3 months ago
jan 0471addd65 add get_bounds_nonempty 3 months ago
jan 780d1ca97f export LibDeviceLibrary 3 months ago
jan fc7a6c6f4a fix some unused code 3 months ago
jan 81430fe632 add LibDeviceLibrary 3 months ago
jan 6a1208bc33 add some helper functions to libraries 3 months ago
jan f36350ebee Add some warnings around cache invalidation when mutating items 3 months ago
jan 2e5d51b0af resolve name conflicts rather than just giving up 3 months ago
jan 566ba99f9c set_const doesn't need to take in a separate key, can just use the pattern's name 3 months ago
jan 86315fc32b improve DeviceLibrary docstring 3 months ago
jan f178e94d82 remove old overloads 3 months ago
jan 7612a2660c add DeviceLibraryError 3 months ago
jan b2a8a1749a improve type checking and make some type-related fixes 3 months ago
jan 1515ed878f use string ptypes 3 months ago
jan 40c81f53ed reformat arg lists 3 months ago
jan 9b3b30b141 start work on tutorial 3 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 7aa850a239 add todo note 3 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 9a9a05d1d7 add guillotine_bssf_sas 3 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz c2994b74bd add utils.pack2d.pack_patterns 3 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz a9e3bf8b2a return a set of rejected indices 3 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz fc1a0f5a5a break apart utils into submodules, and add utils.pack2d 3 months ago
jan a4fe3d9e2e Use ArrayLike and NDArray wherever possible. Some type fixes and some related corner cases 3 months ago
jan 89f327ba37 reformat some multiline arg lists and add missing 'None' return types 3 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 250107e41b Update email 11 months ago
Jan Petykiewicz 47e8cab73c fix format string now that ptypes are str-typed 11 months ago