Git-based snapshotting tool
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lethe README

```lethe``` is intended as a mechanism for creating commits outside 
the standard git branching/tagging workflows. It is meant to enable
additional use-cases without disrupting the standard workflows.
Use cases include:

- Short-lived:
    - On-disk **undo log**
    - **Syncing work-in-progress** between computers before it's ready 
- Long-lived:
    - **lab notebook**: Recording the code / configuration state that resulted in a given output
    - **incremental backup**: Space-efficient time-based backups of a codebase 

## Usage

### Creating a commit from the command line 
$ cd path/to/repo
$ lethe

This effectively snapshots the current state of the repository (as would be seen by

which points to it. The current branch and index are not changed.

### Flags:
- ```-p my_parent_ref``` is used to provide "parent" refs which become the parents of the created commit.
If a parent ref is a symbolic ref, *both* the provided ref and the ref it points to are used as parents.
If not present, defaults to ```-p HEAD```.
- ```-t ref/lethe/my_target_ref``` is used to provide "target" refs which will be created/updated
to point to the created commit.
If not present, defaults to adding an entry of the form ```-t refs/lethe/my_branch``` for each
parent ref of the form ```refs/heads/my_branch```, and ```-t refs/lethe/my/refpath``` for non-head
refs of the form ```refs/my/refpath```. All provided parent refs *and* any dereferenced parent refs
are used to generate default target refs.
If any of the target refs already exist, the commits they point to become parents of the created commit.
- ```-m "my message"``` sets the commit message for the snapshot. By default, "snapshot <current datetime>" is used. 
- ```-r path/to/repo``` can be provided to specify a repository outside of the current working directory.

$ cd path/to/repo
$ git branch
* master
$ lethe

is equivalent to

lethe -r path/to/repo -p HEAD


lethe -r path/to/repo -p HEAD -p refs/heads/master -t refs/lethe/HEAD -t refs/lethe/master

Creating a commit programmatically

import lethe
REPO = '/path/to/repo'

commit_sha = lethe.snap(cwd=REPO)
tree_sha = lethe.get_tree(commit_sha, cwd=REPO)

print('Created new commit with hash ' + commit_sha + ' aka refs/lethe/HEAD')
print('Code (tree) state is ' + tree_sha)



  • python 3 (written and tested with 3.6)
  • git (accessible on the system PATH)

Install with pip:

pip install lethe