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Jan Petykiewicz 74cac5e4fe Use readme as long_description 3 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 9b82a5d16d Move version number into module 3 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz e6403462b6 setup.py should use python3 3 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 4a8bd7b225 Update for numpy 1.15 3 years ago
jan f86ae22e02 Fix marching_cubes for modern skimage 4 years ago
jan 0d1099cd8e Fix documentation typo 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 139a78cc08 move code to new location 4 years ago
jan 6db836d3a3 Split Grid class into multiple files 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz c7572c9c8d fix drawing in non-polygon axis 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz 81bc655908 Add experimental support for negative shifts 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz a76fef0449 Improve error checking 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz e65f25cc68 Clarify shifts documentation 4 years ago
Jan Petykiewicz e0ed0a324c Cosmetic changes 4 years ago
jan 66db2398ff add whitespace 4 years ago
jan 3d36f66a39 warn if grid is going to be int-typed 4 years ago
jan e930baf2b4 fix and improve error-checking for shifts parameter 4 years ago
jan a94a91446e Allow arbitrary args to pcolormesh during visualization 5 years ago
jan c8cbf26a8c Fix use of enum for surface_normal for visualize_slice 6 years ago
jan 1e4ee5e057 add autoshift_dxyz and copy() 6 years ago
jan 7cc578cac4 bump version number 6 years ago
jan 4e0e71fad9 Clean up documentation and default values 6 years ago
jan 0a95bcda1b Add get_slice method for easy interpolation 6 years ago
jan 55d9f33090 Split up E and H Yee shifts 6 years ago
jan b7ff35485e Add an option to defer showing plots when calling visualize_* 6 years ago
jan e135f8147e fix draw_cuboid 6 years ago
jan ea56eb93ff fix index 6 years ago
jan cbb7579878 add license 6 years ago
jan f333e5c3f7 Switch to code style and remove --upgrade from recommendation 6 years ago
jan 6dd635a258 fix import and switch to setuptools 6 years ago
jan 607bc6803f use find_packages() 6 years ago
jan b108609503 update readme to separately install float_raster 6 years ago
jan dd6da0f4fb remove dependency_links 6 years ago
jan 144b3f6441 add float_raster as dependency' 6 years ago
jan beb13d7d67 Add dependencies to setup.py 6 years ago
jan 22fe294018 recommend release branch 6 years ago
jan f4a0313406 use correct setup script 6 years ago
jan e6f51d721a add all files 6 years ago