Euglena control applet
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Euglena control applet

This is intended for use with euglena projector + microscope systems as developed by the Riedel-Kruse lab.

Written in Java and using the Processing 3 library

I (Jan Peykiewicz, anewusername at gmail) wrote this version in mid-2016, but don't really work on this project...

I haven't tested the below commands on windows, but they should be direct translations of the linux commands (which do work).


  • Multiple windows (so that moving the control window around doesn't move what's on the projector.
  • Drawing using primitive shapes (lines, ellipses) and arbitrary colors.
  • Freehand drawing and erasing


You'll need a recent JDK (eg. 1.8).

On linux,

cd src/
javac -cp .:../lib/*:../lib/video/library/*:../lib/serial/library/*:../lib/opencv_processing/library/*

On windows,

cd src\
javac -cp .;..\lib\*;..\lib\video\library\*;..\lib\serial\library\*;..\lib\opencv_processing\library\*


On linux,

cd src/
java -cp .:../lib/*:../lib/video/library/*:../lib/serial/library/*:../lib/opencv_processing/library/* EuglenaApplet

On windows,

cd src\
java -cp .;..\lib\*;..\lib\video\library\*;..\lib\serial\library\*;..\lib\opencv_processing\library\* EuglenaApplet


On linux, rm src/*.class

On windows, del src\*.class


If everything goes dark when you start the program, try alt-tab to switch between windows, it probably just fullscreened a black window.