Python package for lithography mask design.
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masque 2D CAD library
masque is an attempt to make a relatively small library for designing lithography
masks. The general idea is to implement something resembling the GDSII file-format, but
with some vectorized element types (eg. circles, not just polygons), better support for
E-beam doses, and the ability to output to multiple formats.
Pattern is a basic object containing a 2D lithography mask, composed of a list of Shape
objects and a list of SubPattern objects.
SubPattern provides basic support for nesting Pattern objects within each other, by adding
offset, rotation, scaling, and other such properties to a Pattern reference.
Note that the methods for these classes try to avoid copying wherever possible, so unless
otherwise noted, assume that arguments are stored by-reference.
- numpy
- matplotlib [Pattern.visualize(...)]
- python-gdsii [masque.file.gdsii]
- svgwrite [masque.file.svg]
import pathlib
from .error import PatternError
from .shapes import Shape
from .label import Label
from .subpattern import SubPattern
from .repetition import GridRepetition
from .pattern import Pattern
__author__ = 'Jan Petykiewicz'
with open(pathlib.Path(__file__).parent / 'VERSION', 'r') as f:
__version__ =
version = __version__