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  Jan Petykiewicz 03fc9e6d70 deprecate 3 months ago
  jan 47dd0df8bc fix operator test 2 years ago
  jan 66712efd49 scipy L-BFGS silently converts to float, so view as floats when dealing with it.' 2 years ago
  jan a70687f5e3 add bloch example 2 years ago
  jan 85030448c3 Use L-BFGS instead of CG, and remove rayleigh iteration refinement 2 years ago
  jan 16f97d7f6b Add ability to set bounds for find_k 2 years ago
  jan f312d73503 Return real part of the gradient 2 years ago
  jan 39979edc44 implement eigenvalue algorithm from Johnson paper. Could also use arpack + refinement, but that's also slow. 2 years ago
  jan 4a9596921f rename search_direction to direction 2 years ago
  jan 000cfabd78 switch fft, ifft 2 years ago
  jan d09eff990f Update Rayleigh quotient iteration to allow arbitrary linear operators 2 years ago
  jan 4aa2d07cef Add Bloch eigenproblem 2 years ago
  jan 6503b488ce add farfield.py 2 years ago
  jan 4bf8627611 clarify beta -> wavenumber 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 73e3fa18b1 fix cylindrical operator 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz a4cc963953 bump version number 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz ea04fc42be Fix switched args 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz a4616982ca Add cylindrical coordinate 2D modesolver code 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz bacc6fea3f Move eigensolver code out to separate module 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 001bf1e2ef Clarify eigensolver documentation 2 years ago
  jan 17fa2aa3d3 In-place normalization during eigensolve 2 years ago
  jan 7342c8efd7 Use ravel instead of flatten for vec() 2 years ago
  jan d3c22006bd ie -> i.e. (docs) 2 years ago
  jan c14298484d Fix eigenvalue solver for complex matrices 2 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 6748181f8f use logging module for progress reports 3 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 9d33744427 Fix docstring for rotation 3 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 5033472342 Use ravel instead of flatten where possible 3 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 43d1464258 Remote pyplot.hold 3 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 7cbbaedcdb bump version number 3 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 48ddd9f512 Switch to C-ordered arrays 3 years ago
  Jan Petykiewicz 1e80a66b50 add fdtd and test 3 years ago
  jan bb53ba44e0 fix spacing 3 years ago
  jan 6a56b081e4 add some missing type annotations 3 years ago
  jan 685de70af0 Add PECs/PMCs to feature list 3 years ago
  jan b8e9ec2b07 Bump version number 3 years ago
  jan 068e0c7c93 Update README with solver and example information. 3 years ago
  jan e3a0846a14 Remove extra space 3 years ago
  jan ec674fe3f4 Add solvers submodule and clean up examples. 3 years ago
  jan 85880c859e Comment cleanup 3 years ago
  jan c2d43b01df move magma solver into different package 3 years ago
  jan 56df805e24 add possibility to use csr opengl solver 3 years ago
  jan eb4d9be6cf use opencl solver (for testing) 3 years ago
  jan 8daab636ea Cleaner conductor implementation 3 years ago
  jan a3dac5c8f8 Add e2h PMC arg, and clarify comments 3 years ago
  jan e288e59021 PEC and PMC for all wave operators 3 years ago
  jan a512a88930 Add test code for PEC 3 years ago
  jan 28f85712ce Use autoshifted_dxyz 3 years ago
  jan 16bd864e90 Remove unused import 3 years ago
  jan 02ec6d67d6 Fix function case 3 years ago
  jan ec825945b6 Fix annotation 3 years ago