Update parameter descriptions

jan 5 years ago
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commit 385e2859a9

@ -100,9 +100,13 @@ class Simulation(object):
'ln_R_per_layer': Desired (ln(R) / thickness) value. Default -1.6.
'm': Polynomial grading exponent. Default 3.5.
'ma': Exponent for alpha. Default 1.
:param bloch_boundaries: List of dicts with keys:
'axis': One of 'x', 'y', 'z'.
'real': Real part of bloch phase factor (i.e. real(exp(i * phase)))
'imag': Imaginary part of bloch phase factor (i.e. imag(exp(i * phase)))
:param dt: Time step. Default is min(dxes) * .99/sqrt(3).
:param initial_E: Initial E-field (default is 0 everywhere). Same format as epsilon.
:param initial_H: Initial H-field (default is 0 everywhere). Same format as epsilon.
:param initial_fields: Dict with optional keys ('E', 'H', 'F', 'G') containing initial values for the
specified fields (default is 0 everywhere). Fields have same format as epsilon.
:param context: pyOpenCL context. If not given, pyopencl.create_some_context(False) is called.
:param queue: pyOpenCL command queue. If not given, pyopencl.CommandQueue(context) is called.
:param float_type: numpy.float32 or numpy.float64. Default numpy.float32.