remove extra assignments to *_count and *_vector, and adjust validity checks

jan 4 years ago
parent 5ac774c386
commit bc15a66ecc

@ -1206,25 +1206,20 @@ class GridRepetition:
InvalidDataError: if `b_count` and `b_vector` inputs conflict
with each other or if `a_count < 1`.
self.a_vector = a_vector
self.b_vector = b_vector
self.a_count = a_count
self.b_count = b_count
if self.b_vector is None or self.b_count is None:
if self.b_vector is not None or self.b_count is not None:
if b_vector is None or b_count is None:
if b_vector is not None or b_count is not None:
raise InvalidDataError('Repetition has only one of'
'b_vector and b_count')
if self.b_count < 1:
if b_count < 1:
raise InvalidDataError('Repetition has too-small b_count')
if self.b_count < 2:
self.b_count = None
self.b_vector = None
if b_count < 2:
b_count = None
b_vector = None
warnings.warn('Removed b_count and b_vector since b_count == 1')
if self.a_count < 2:
raise InvalidDataError('Repetition has too-small x-count: '
if a_count < 2:
raise InvalidDataError('Repetition has too-small a_count: '
self.a_vector = a_vector
self.b_vector = b_vector