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# GitHub Security Policy
Thanks for helping make GitHub safe for everyone.
GitHub's [Bug Bounty program](https://bounty.github.com) rewards researchers for discovering security vulnerabilities in a number of repositories. The full list of projects that are eligible for rewards are [available on our Bug Bounty site](https://bounty.github.com/#scope).
## Security
If the repository is eligible for rewards, you can submit a report via [HackerOne](https://hackerone.com/github). You can find more useful information in our [rules](https://bounty.github.com/#rules) and [FAQ](https://bounty.github.com/#faqs).
GitHub takes the security of our software products and services seriously, including all of the open source code repositories managed through our GitHub organizations, such as [GitHub](https://github.com/GitHub).
For repositories not covered by the Bug Bounty program, please open an issue.
Even though [open source repositories are outside of the scope of our bug bounty program](https://bounty.github.com/index.html#scope) and therefore not eligible for bounty rewards, we will ensure that your finding gets passed along to the appropriate maintainers for remediation.
## Reporting Security Issues
If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in any GitHub-owned repository, please report it to us through coordinated disclosure.
**Please do not report security vulnerabilities through public GitHub issues, discussions, or pull requests.**
Instead, please send an email to opensource-security@github.com.
Please include as much of the information listed below as you can to help us better understand and resolve the issue:
* The type of issue (e.g., buffer overflow, SQL injection, or cross-site scripting)
* Full paths of source file(s) related to the manifestation of the issue
* The location of the affected source code (tag/branch/commit or direct URL)
* Any special configuration required to reproduce the issue
* Step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue
* Proof-of-concept or exploit code (if possible)
* Impact of the issue, including how an attacker might exploit the issue
This information will help us triage your report more quickly.
## Policy
See [GitHub's Safe Harbor Policy](https://docs.github.com/en/github/site-policy/github-bug-bounty-program-legal-safe-harbor#1-safe-harbor-terms)