*DEPRECATED* Tools for optical simulations
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jan 47dd0df8bc fix operator test 2 years ago
__init__.py Add PECs/PMCs to feature list 3 years ago
bloch.py scipy L-BFGS silently converts to float, so view as floats when dealing with it.' 2 years ago
eigensolvers.py fix operator test 2 years ago
farfield.py add farfield.py 2 years ago
fdtd.py add fdtd and test 3 years ago
functional.py Fix function case 3 years ago
grid.py Comment cleanup 3 years ago
operators.py ie -> i.e. (docs) 2 years ago
solvers.py use logging module for progress reports 3 years ago
vectorization.py Add Bloch eigenproblem 2 years ago
waveguide.py fix cylindrical operator 2 years ago
waveguide_mode.py clarify beta -> wavenumber 2 years ago